What You Need to Know about Liposuction after a C-Section

Mothers in Lubbock who have had c-sections often end up with some interesting changes to their bodies that are not always appealing. In addition to all the changes brought on by pregnancy, the c-section itself commonly causes an extra pooch of belly fat just above the scar. It is an issue many women face and find that even consistent diet and exercise do not fix. Plastic surgery has proven an effective way to get rid of that flab and restore pre-pregnancy contour.

How Liposuction Helps

When a woman has a c-section, the incision creates scar tissue in the lower abdomen that traps fat above it and causes the belly pooch to form or worsen. Lubbock plastic surgeons can use lipo to suction the stubborn fat out of this area and others that have been affected by pregnancy. Although this is not considered a weight loss procedure, it can help a mother get her figure back and, more importantly, her confidence.

Timing is Everything

Most women are anxious to lose their baby weight and fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes again after giving birth. While liposuction is considered safe for moms who have had c-sections, doctors usually recommend waiting at least six months before undergoing the procedure. It takes time for the body to get back to normal after having a baby, and plastic surgery should come after you have had the chance to heal completely.

Plan Ahead

It is best to wait until you are finished having children to have lipo. Otherwise, you run the risk of undoing the work you had done. Moms should also take into consideration that they may be unable to lift their baby for some time after having lipo on their tummies. A good support system is key when planning your recovery because you and the baby will both need care during the healing process.

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How to Get Dramatic Tummy Results with Liposuction

How many times have you made a new year’s resolution to get rid of that flabby belly? For many of us in Lubbock, extra fat and skin around our middles remain a problem year after year even with diet and exercise. Liposuction, also called lipo,is a powerful method for removing fatty tissue. When combined with a tummy tuck, you can expect dramatic results.

Eliminate Fat with Liposuction

Many people struggle with stubborn areas of fat on their bodies. While it is not considered a weight loss surgery, lipo will help remove those fat deposits and give the body an enhanced contour. The best candidates for this procedure are those who maintain a healthy weight, have realistic expectations, and can stay away from nicotine before and after the surgery.

Flatten with a Tummy Tuck

This procedure is beneficial for people in Lubbock who have excess skin on their stomachs caused by aging, pregnancy, or dramatic weight loss. Tummy tuck surgery is done through a small incision through which the surgeon will tighten the abdominal muscles and remove loose skin. Like lipo, this option is also not meant to be a weight loss surgery; however, it can remove up to 10 pounds of unwanted skin.

Combine for Dramatic Results

When lipo and a tummy tuck are done together, they can lift, tighten sagging skin, and remove stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. In combination, the procedures can have dramatic effects for the patient. Recovery depends on the individual, but it is important to remember to give yourself plenty of time to allow your body to heal, especially when combining procedures.

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How Much Scarring to Expect from Lubbock Liposuction

Liposuction (also called lipo) is a very popular procedure that has helped many men and women in Lubbock finally defeat those stubborn areas of fat on their bodies. It is a minimally invasive procedure that slims and reshapes the body. People who are considering this type of plastic surgery are often concerned about scars that will be left after it is all said and done.

The Method

Lipo requires cutting of the skin, which results in scars. However, the incisions made during the procedure are only a few millimeters long. The tubes used to suction out the fat are called cannulas, and they are so small that they do not require a large opening in the skin to do their job.

Notice Results, Not Scars

The tiny scars left behind after your surgery will fade with time. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to further conceal the incisions by placing them in discrete areas of the body. The only things that people in Lubbock will be able to notice are your new and improved figure and your soaring self-confidence.

What Can You Do?

Your cosmetic surgery journey does not end when you go home after your procedure. It is important that you continue to take care of yourself if you want to make the most of the work you had done. Drinking plenty of water, keeping your incisions clean and dry, and protecting them from the sun will help minimize the scars caused by lipo. Over-the-counter creams and lotions can also aid in the skin’s healing process by keeping it hydrated.

Scars are a necessary part of plastic surgery, but there are things you can do to minimize them. Dr. Jane Rowley can answer all of your questions about scars, liposuction, and any of your other plastic surgery concerns. Call Rowley Plastic Surgery in Lubbock today to schedule your obligation-free consultation.

What Does Liposuction Do?

Dr. Jane Rowley tells her Lubbock patients that on the right person in the right areas, liposuction can have exceptional results. It has been the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in America for the last four years in a row, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. However, despite its growing popularity, many people are still unclear about what the procedure actually does.

Eliminating the Fat

If you are having plastic surgery for fat removal, it’s most likely because you have not had success with traditional diet and exercise. Liposuction targets specific areas on the body that resist your efforts to keep up that healthy lifestyle in Lubbock. A tiny tube is inserted into the problem area, and the fat tissue is suctioned out. While you will lose a good amount of noticeable fat, it is important to remember that it is not a weight loss surgery.

Shaping Up

When people are working to slim down, they often put too much emphasis on the numbers on the scale. Yet, for many of us in Lubbock, the figure we want can’t be achieved by losing a certain number of pounds. Liposuction is a way to cosmetically improve the contours of your body. It gets rid of the flab that does not respond to any amount of resisted cravings or time at the gym. Lipo works well on areas of the body that have good skin tone and elasticity. The following are good areas to consider:

  • outer thighs
  • flanks (love handles)
  • hips
  • back
  • submental region (chin area)

Talk to a board certified plastic surgeon about which areas of your body would respond well to liposuction. Dr. Rowley will be able to create a plan with you that will eliminate your stubborn fat and improve the shape of your body. Call today for an obligation-free consultation.


liposuction, Lubbock


The struggle to rid the body of excess fat in specific areas is a common problem for many people. Sometimes, even diet and exercise just don’t give us the results we want. Liposuction can help you by targeting those trouble spots to achieve the look and feel you desire. Lubbock locals who are considering this procedure can expect a smooth and comfortable process under the care of Dr. Jane Rowley.

Before the Big Day

You and your doctor will consult about the exact areas that will respond best to liposuction, and you will probably end up with (temporary) markings on your body to designate where you will be treated. Be ready to smile for the camera so you’ll have the all-important before and after photos!

The Procedure Itself

Keep in mind that individual experiences will vary depending on how much fat needs to be removed. Typically, either a local or general anesthesia will be administered. The doctor will insert a tiny tube called a cannula into the skin and inject a sterile fluid. Next, the fat will be suctioned out, and your vitals and comfort level will be monitored. Your body will take on a lot of fluid at this time so do expect to allow time for it to completely drain.

Road to Recovery

While the procedure itself is generally painless, you may experience some discomfort as you would with any other surgery. But rest assured, it’s all part of the healing process, and you shouldn’t miss more than a few days of the everyday routine. More rigorous activities, such as working out, will likely have to wait a few weeks to be reintroduced. A compression garment is usually worn to help achieve the desired contour and to help swelling go down.

The End Results

You will be able to see immediate results after your procedure; however, complete results could take several months as your body gradually heals. Maintaining a healthy weight and continuing to take care of yourself will optimize your outcome.

Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jane Rowley understands the needs of her patients and is always willing to explain and answer any questions they may have. With over 20 years of experience providing plastic surgery in Lubbock, she is committed to helping you achieve the look and feel you deserve. Call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn more.

Take the Plastic Surgery Pop Quiz

Liposuction, Lubbock

Many people can describe the term ‘plastic surgery’ in their own words, but not everyone knows the terms of the various procedures that are available. Do you know the difference between submental liposuction and otoplasty? Test your plastic surgery knowledge here with this plastic surgery pop quiz.

1. What happens in a breast augmentation procedure?

A. Breast tissue is removed to make the breast smaller.

B. Breast skin is tightened and an implant may be inserted or tissue may be removed.

C. Implants are inserted into the breast to make it larger.

2.     What is the common name for blepharoplasty?

A. Face lift

B. Eyelid lift

C. Chin implant

3.     Which of the following is NOT a procedure that involves reducing ear prominence?

A.     Submental liposuction

B.     Ear pinning

C.    Otoplasty

4. Which of the following procedures does not require the removal of excess skin?

A. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

B. Brachioplasty (arm lift)

C. Liposuction (removal of fatty tissue)


1: C. Augmentation increases the size of the breast. Answer A refers to a breast reduction. Answer B refers to a breast lift. All these procedures are offered by Dr. Jane Rowley, and she is the only plastic surgeon in Lubbock offering “Ideal Implants,” a structured implant that combines the natural look and feel of silicon with the safety of saline.

2: B. This can be performed on the upper or lower eyelid, and both can be done at the same time. In this procedure, excess skin is removed from the eyelid. Liposuction may be done to eliminate any fatty deposits that may be in the way.

3: A. Ear pinning is the common name for otoplasty, a process that pins the ears back closer to the head. Submental liposuction is a procedure that reduces the fatty tissue under the chin and creates more definition in the chin and neck area.

4: C. Abdominoplasty is commonly known as a tummy tuck, and involves the removal of excess skin, and possibly liposuction of the hips. Brachioplasty is also known as an arm lift, and involves the removal and tightening of excess skin on the upper arms. Liposuction alone, however, is just the removal of fatty tissue.

How well did you do? Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers; Dr. Jane Rowley does and specializes in each of these and more with unmatched expertise. If you are interested in one or more of these primary procedures, schedule a no-obligation consultation today.