Mommy Makeovers: More than Just a Tummy Tuck in Lubbock

When we are young and anticipate the joys of motherhood, we can underestimate the toll that pregnancy, the demands of child rearing, and time can take on our body. But before we know it, we’re no longer those glowing, expectant mothers. With a little help from modern surgical technology, there are many ways to regain your sense of youthfulness, to boost your confidence, and reclaim the shape you sacrificed to have a family.

In our practice, we consult with many mothers considering tummy tuck in Lubbock who are surprised to learn how many options they have after childbearing. While not everyone loves the term, what pop culture often terms a “Mommy Makeover” is a popular term referring to a combination of procedures to target different areas of your body you wish during a single surgery. Several areas may be combined in one procedure to create the full look that is wanted with minimal downtime and a dramatic effect for the right patient.

If you’d like to see a little more (or less) curve here or there, whether after your pregnancies or as you age, you have several options to combine plastic surgery procedures covering different areas like tummies, breasts, hips, buttocks, and even submental liposuction to tighten up a threatening double chin.  

You get to decide—with only a single recovery.  So let’s discuss your options.

Breast Procedures: Breast Enhancement, Breast Lift, and Breast Reduction

When most people think about plastic surgery for breasts, they think of implants to increase breast size.  But there are other breast procedures that can help women feel better about their appearance and themselves, aside from simply increasing their cup size. Which procedure is right for you depends on your body and your preferences, a decision made in consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

After nursing, or simply with age, a woman’s breasts can sag, look deflated, and lose shape. If you would like to add volume and fullness to your breasts, then a breast augmentation with breast implants is a good option. If fullness is not a concern for you, but your breasts droop with the nipples pointing downward and/or the top of the areola lower than the crease under the breast when viewed from the side, you could benefit simply from a breast lift. And of course, it’s not uncommon for women to choose both breast implants and a breast lift, restoring their youthful appearance while adding fullness.

What if you have too much breast tissue? In addition to making some women feel uncomfortable with their appearance because of a lack of proportion or unwanted attention, having too large of breasts can create physical discomfort.  The weight can cause back, neck, or shoulder pain. Some women get rashes or irritations in the crease of the breasts. Some may even have numbness or tingling in their hands and arms. If any of this sounds familiar, a breast reduction may be a good choice for you (and may be covered by your insurance).  This procedure has some of the highest patient satisfaction rates in cosmetic surgery.

Abdominal Procedures: Liposuction and Tummy Tuck in Lubbock

Pregnancy can also leave women with loose, excess skin around their midsection, stubborn pockets of fat that won’t respond to diet or exercise, and a laxity of abdominal muscles (diastasis). If you have concerns about your belly, hips, or thighs, you have a couple of options, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction.

A tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) removes baggy, stretched skin that hangs around after you have had children or lost a significant amount of weight. A tummy tuck can even remove some stretch marks from pregnancies, and includes tightening up your abdominal muscles. While a tummy tuck in Lubbock might not result in significant weight loss, it does have a significant effect on the abdominal core.

Liposuction, on the other hand, removes that fat in your belly and hip areas that doesn’t go away with exercise and diet. This procedure is designed to remove areas of localized fat persist despite any constant efforts to eliminate them. Liposuction can successfully reshape your body and works well as part of a mommy makeover, as women tend to hold on to fat as they age.

An extended tummy tuck uses a slightly longer incision to shape the hips, and is often combined with liposuction to tighten and shape the side of the waist.

Why Lubbock Women Choose Dr. Jane Rowley

Combining procedures can yield impressive results. However, with each added procedure, it’s even more important to find a trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon you can thoroughly consult with about your cosmetic goals who shares your perspective.  Dr. Jane Rowley always listens to her patients and is well known for being a collaborative guide that helps women develop a plan that best fits their individual needs and bodies.

A mommy makeover can restore your confidence by helping you regain your natural, youthful beauty with a tighter stomach, slimmer hips, and a fuller or more proportionate bustline. If you’re looking for a tummy tuck in Lubbock or the surrounding areas, or any combination of cosmetic procedures to get the look you want, take time to chat with Dr. Rowley.  She wants her patients to be happy with their results–and themselves–she wants you to thoroughly understand all of your options and what procedures would work best for your lifestyle and body type. She will spend whatever time is necessary to make your plastic surgery experience the best one for you. With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Rowley is the leading surgeon in Lubbock that offers plastic surgery with a woman’s perspective.  Discuss your options at a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Rowley. Call to schedule yours today.


breast reduction, Lubbock


We see options to “super-size” almost everything today. But sometimes bigger isn’t better. Women with larger breasts can tell you all about the discomforts larger breasts add to their lives. Breast reduction plastic surgery offers these women a way to alleviate pain, enjoy more activities in life, and have a greater sense of satisfaction with their physical appearance. If any of these problems sound too close to home, you might also benefit from a breast reduction.

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Larger breasts pull on a woman’s shoulders and throw her entire body off balance. When our shoulders are always slumped, and we carry extra weight, our backs will feel a chronic soreness and fatigue. Over many years of this burden, that soreness can turn into lower back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Sleep and Breathing Problems

When you breathe, your lungs and diaphragm push outward as you draw air in. The extra weight of larger breasts can make breathing more difficult especially when sleeping. Deep breaths and well-rested sleep are key elements to a person’s overall health. Lubbock women who have breast reduction surgery feel a literal weight lifted from their chest and can experience better sleep.

Ability to Participate in Physical Activity

Hollywood can poke fun at a woman with a full bust running down the street. The reality of having larger breasts is that a woman has a difficult time with active exercise. We are told how beneficial exercise is to our health. When your breasts get in the way of moving effectively, you feel less inclined to make that exercise effort.

The End Result— Satisfaction with Your Body

Breast reduction candidates are the patients with the biggest smiles. Women who have endured the burden of larger breasts love the feeling of that heaviness being lifted from them after surgery. Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading Lubbock plastic surgeon who listens to her patients and helps them achieve their realistic cosmetic dreams. Find out more about breast reductions and other plastic surgery procedures in a no-obligation consultation today. You know you are in good hands at Rowley Plastic Surgery.


Plastic Surgery Isn’t Just For Women

liposuction, Lubbock

Although most of Dr. Jane Rowley’s Lubbock patients are women, it’s becoming an ever-increasing trend to see men in the offices of plastic surgeons across the country. Plastic surgery can help men achieve their body goals just as it can help women. Here are the top five most popular plastic surgery options for men.


  1.  Nose Surgery: Women no longer have the monopoly on utilizing plastic surgery to help them look great, and this includes the “nose job.” Surgery on the nose, or Rhinoplasty, can repair an injury or correct an unwanted shape or size.
  2. Liposuction: The removal of fat from men’s abdomens, “love handles,” and chests are very common plastic surgery requests in the Lubbock office. Liposuction leaves these areas visibly flatter, smoother, and thinner, and can also create the v-contoured shape from the shoulders to the waist. Liposuction can successfully trim the waistline, reducing the needed size of pants and shirts within six weeks of surgery.
  3. Eyelid Surgery: Although blepharoplasty isn’t always the first surgery that comes to mind when you think of plastic surgery, surgery of the eyes is growing in popularity every year. Correcting droopy or wrinkly eyes can provide you with a young and fresh look.
  4. Male Breast Reduction: This surgery, called reduction mammaplasty, can provide men with much-needed relief from gynecomastia, or the appearance of male breasts. This can help liberate you during physical activity and can also have a significant impact on your self-confidence
  5. Botox: Many non-surgical procedures, like botox, are also growing in popularity among men. This less invasive procedure can help smooth wrinkles and fill an aging face.


If you’re ready to look as young and confident as you feel, consider plastic surgery in our Lubbock office! Whether you are ready to slim and trim with liposuction or correct your nose from that sports injury from years ago, call Dr. Jane Rowley’s office today and schedule your no-obligation consultation.

What to Expect From Your Breast Reduction

breast reduction, Lubbock

As you consider breast reduction surgery, you may spend a lot of time researching and thinking about the surgery. Being an educated patient is important, so keep up that surgery prep! It’s just as important to prepare for life after the surgery. What will life be like a year after your breast reduction?


  • Sensation: Lubbock patients experience varying degrees of sensation in their nipples and breasts. Some women lose their sensation due to surgery and then recover it within a year or longer; however, some women don’t get sensation back, and others never lose it.
  • Scars: Incisions are part of surgery, and scars are part of incisions. Talk to the experts in our Lubbock office to discuss great options for minimizing scars.
  • Change in Figure: Even though your breasts are the only part of your body undergoing surgery, you may see your entire figure differently. The way your clothes fit will change, so you may find that your waist size also looks differently in certain articles of clothing.
  • Back Pain: One of the greatest motivators for a breast reduction is the back pain caused by the weight of large breasts. You should feel significant relief from your back pain, although it might not go away entirely. For those who still experience pain, a chiropractor, yoga, or stretching may help.
  • Shape: Immediately following your recovery you may see your breasts as overly round and almost fake looking, but over time your breasts will settle to a more comfortable, natural look.
  • Bras: After leaving the Lubbock office you may want a surgical bra for use during recovery. Most women feel they can return to regular bras after a month post-surgery, but with tender breasts, it would be best to transition to wire-free sports bras first. Your breast size is likely to continue to change over the year following your breast reduction, so if you’re a frugal shopper, you may want to purchase modestly priced bras for the first year and then invest in some high-quality bras after your breasts have settled into a set size and shape.


Above all, plan on enjoying your new body! It may take some getting used to, but breast reduction patients are some of the happiest clients at Rowley Plastic Surgery. Call Dr. Jane Rowley today for a zero obligation consultation for your breast reduction.

Why Men and Women in Lubbock Consider Plastic Surgery

breast augmentation, Lubbock


Plastic surgery is always a personal choice. That choice should be made intelligently after careful consultation with your Lubbock board certified plastic surgeon. Maybe some of the following reasons fit why you are considering a cosmetic boost this year with plastic surgery from Rowley Plastic Surgery.


Fight the Aging Battle


Modern medicine can help you feel better and live a healthier lifestyle. Statistically, men and women are enjoying life longer than ever before. Living longer and feeling good doesn’t always mean that our appearances are keeping up with how we feel. Plastic surgery is the option that gives you the opportunity to look as young as you feel. Technology and training offer patients procedures by highly skilled, certified surgeons that smooth wrinkles, add contour to body and face, and remove saggy, excess skin. If you are older and want to turn back the clock on your appearance, you can consider surgical options like:

  • Face Lift
  • Eye Lift
  • Chin Implant

Even the smallest procedure can make a dramatic change in your looks that can that added spring to your step. Having another birthday doesn’t mean you are required to look and feel old.


Take Care of Imperfections


Some characteristics of your body you just can’t change on your own. People in Lubbock can choose plastic surgery to fix ears that are too big, give more prominence to your chin and jawline, or add symmetry to your breasts. Plastic surgery can help restore confidence in your looks that has emotional benefits as well as physical.
Lubbock plastic surgery patients are as varied as the procedures or combination of procedures they choose. Dr. Jane Rowley is your leading board certified plastic surgeon who can tailor a surgical experience to fit your personal expectations. So whether you are interested in breast augmentation, tummy tuck, face lift, or ear gauge repair, you know you are always in good hands at Rowley Plastic Surgery. Call today for your no-obligation consultation visit.

Otoplasty: Plastic Surgery with Benefits for Younger Patients

breast implants


When it comes to plastic surgery, we don’t think about children coming into to see the surgeon for breast implants or a tummy tuck. But, plastic surgery can benefit children and youth in ways that some of us take for granted. How you look in the mirror is important to youth. Growing up isn’t easy, especially when you have a noticeable physical feature that makes you an easy target for teasing or ridicule. Otoplasty is plastic surgery for ears that corrects various cosmetic problems like ears that stick out, are too big, or too small.


What can Otoplasty do for Lubbock Youth?


Ears that are too large or that stick out are easy targets for teasing with names like “Dumbo” or “Mickey Mouse.” A certified surgeon can remove the necessary excess skin and cartilage to reshape or pin ears to a better position. Children can be born with ear deformities or have damage due to accidents. Otoplasty surgery can correct too large, too small, folded, cupped, or cauliflower ears.


Is the Procedure Safe?  


Otoplasty is one of the safest surgical procedures. Patients need to follow post-surgery instructions to minimize the possibility of infection. There will be a thin scar behind the ear that is not noticeable as it is usually in the natural crease of the ear. The result is seen immediately.
The true benefits of otoplasty come when you see the smiles of the satisfied patients. Children experience an increase in their confidence when they don’t have to worry about being teased by their peers. Parents experience satisfaction when their child is not the target of ridicule. Parents can learn from their doctor how their child’s ears will look after surgery. Dr. Jane Rowley is the leading board-certified plastic surgeon in Lubbock who cares about her patients and carefully consults with patients. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today and learn more about your plastic surgery possibilities.

Recovery After Brachioplasty

tummy tuck


You have plastic surgery choices that can contour and reshape areas all over your body. Breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedures are some of the most popular picks. Requests for arm lifts, called a brachioplasty, increasing in frequency each year.  When we age or lose a significant amount of weight, our upper arms can sag and develop what are commonly called “bat wings.” If you have excess skin and fatty tissue on your upper arms that do not change with exercise, you could be a good candidate for an arm lift.


Recovery After Your Arm Lift Surgery in Lubbock


Patients in Lubbock should plan to have someone drive them home from surgery and stay with them for at least the first 24 hours. You need to have someone with you as you start your recovery and work through the last effects of anesthetics. You will have a drain from your incision for excess blood and fluids caused by surgery. Your surgeon will ask that you try to keep your arms elevated and as straight as possible. You will be fitted for compression garments for your arms as well. It is important to rest and follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully for a more successful recovery.


Getting Back into Your Life


Your recovery period will range from one to several weeks depending on how extensive your procedures is. Each patient will have his or her individual experience with recovery. Some people experience discomfort, bruising, swelling. Plan to take at least a week off work or other obligations to allow time to heal. Expect to be back to normal activities in 3-4 weeks. You can start an exercise routine in six weeks after your surgery.


The result of your arm lift is visible immediately, and after surgery the scarring will fade significantly over time. On the right patient, an arm lift can make a dramatic difference in appearance and give your arms a new youthful look.
One of the most important factors for the success of your plastic surgery is to choose an expert, board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Jane Rowley has over twenty years experience helping her patients gain greater confidence in their physical appearance. Whether you are interested in a tummy tuck or an arm lift, Dr. Rowley will discuss options and procedures thoroughly with you. Find out more about her experience and caring staff at

Breast Implant Placement: Under or Over the Muscle

breast implants


Breast augmentation in one of the leading requested plastic surgery procedures. Women want to increase their breast size or add volume and fullness to their breasts’ appearance. Breast implants can also correct asymmetry with breasts and help enhance their shapeliness. Choosing to have breast implants doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all surgery. Patients in Lubbock need to make several decisions concerning their implants and spend plenty of time discussing their choices with their doctors. Things to consider about your implants include:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Placement

With so much to think about, having a board certified surgeon willing to spend the time needed to help you make the right choices for your body is imperative to your having the best possible outcome with your surgery. You probably have already thought about your size options. You may even have considered silicone vs. saline. But have you given thought to where your implant will be placed?

In general, implants placed above the muscle tend to have a more natural look and feel; however, this is not the right placement for every body type, and a natural look and feel can also be obtained for implants below the muscle. Particularly petite women with limited natural breast tissue find that placement under the muscle is necessary. Ultimately, you and your doctor should carefully review all of the pros and cons surrounding this placement in the context of your body to determine the best choice for you.


Breast Implants Under Breast Tissue


Implants placed below the breast tissue but above the chest muscle are called subglandular or subfascial.

Benefits of above muscle implants:

  • Typically less invasive than below the muscle breast implants
  • Quicker recovery because the muscle stays intact
  • No distortion from flexing muscles
  • No size limitation due to limited space under the muscle
  • Breast implants can be spaced closer together allowing for more cleavage

Disadvantages of above the muscle:

  • More likely to have visible rippling of the implant
  • Less support for the implant putting it at risk of dropping over time
  • More likely to cause stretch marks and blemishes
  • More difficult to mammogram
  • Higher risk of looking “fake”


Breast Implants Under Your Muscle


Placement under the muscle is often referred to as subpectoral.

Benefits of under the muscle:

  • Less risk of folds or ripples in the implant becoming visible
  • More tissue covering and protecting the breast implants
  • Less risk of firmness or capsular contracture

Disadvantages of under the muscle:

  • Longer recovery times
  • Typically more painful recovery
  • Interference with some physical activities like push ups or weight lifting
  • Visible flexing of the muscle over the breast implants, which can look unnatural
  • Higher-positioned implants can look unnatural


There is no right or wrong placement of your breast implant. Talk with your Lubbock doctor to review all of your options and to discuss the right fit for your body type and your personal goals. At Rowley Plastic Surgery, you will find a caring staff and expert breast augmentation surgeon. Dr. Jane Rowley carefully guides her patients with information to make the best decision for their plastic surgery experience. Learn more about procedures and staff at Rowley Plastic Surgery at

When Do Breast Implants Start to Feel Natural?

Mommy makeover


Size and shape of your new breast implants matter for your personal satisfaction, but the feel of your breasts is also very important to your overall happiness with your procedure. When getting anything from a little lift or a total reconstruction, there are multiple factors at play determining the end-result feel of your implants. If a very natural feel is your ultimate goal, there are a few things to consider before your surgery. And if you have already had implants, these variables will also give you direction as to when you can expect to feel natural again and what you might do along the way to help your body get there faster.



  • Type of Material


Silicone implants tend to be softer than saline right from the onset. Those who get silicone implants may be more inclined to say things feel “normal” earlier than those with saline implants. Eventually saline can also feel soft, but because of the viscosity of the silicone, they have the potential to feel softer than saline even over an extended amount of time.



  • Sufficient Breast Tissue: Location and Ratio


Individuals who have inadequate natural breast tissue to support the implants need to have the implants placed under chest muscles to provide that coverage. This chest muscle needs to be stretched and thinned out over time to feel supple and soft like breast tissue. This process is not immediate, so the location of your implant can have a great effect on the overall feel of your new breasts when you first arrive home. The more natural breast tissue you have to start with, the more likely you will be able to mask the implant.



  • Patience


You choose the material, shape, and size of the final look that you want. Having healthy and realistic expectations, along with a sufficient dose of patience will go a long way toward ensuring your satisfaction with your surgery at our Lubbock facility.

Whether you are planning a single breast implant procedure or are combining it with a complete mommy makeover, Dr. Rowley will carefully listen to your cosmetic goals, so you are happy with your results. To discuss your implant choice, schedule a consultation today.

Healthy Lifestyles are Imperative for Long-lasting Plastic Surgery Results

slide-1Each patient requesting Lubbock plastic surgery has different needs and goals for his or her body. From breast augmentation to rhinoplasty plastic surgery, Lubbock can take care of your needs. But after your surgery, it’s vital that you continue caring for your own body in a way that will maximize the success of your surgery and help with your recovery.

Lubbock Plastic Surgery Results

For those interested in body contouring procedures, or ultimately procedures focused on helping you obtain a thinner or slimmer physique, you should pair your surgery with a few lifestyle changes that can ensure long-term results. There will be a period of recovery after your surgery, but as soon as it is again safe for you to exercise, consider altering your lifestyle to include more exercise. Coupled with a more balanced diet, your Lubbock plastic surgery results and ultimate health and weight management will be seen for longer. You will also feel better physically and mentally incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine.

Diet and exercise will always be important for overall health; however, if you are specifically looking to maintain the results of Lubbock plastic surgery for your skin, avoiding bad habits like suntanning and smoking will ensure long-term benefits for skin and facial plastic surgery, Lubbock doctors will perform.
So whether breast augmentation, liposuction, or a facelift are among your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget those age old resolutions surround general healthy lifestyles to go along with your plastic surgery plans. Eating well, getting good exercise, getting plenty of good sleep, and caring for your body are not always easy habits to change (as we can all attest to!), but it is definitely worth adding the goals to your list again this year as you take baby steps toward the healthy life and look you want. Baby steps are all you need to eventually get there!